The Sous Vide Method

Sous vide cooking has been around since the early days. It has been used all around, from gourmet restaurants and famous cooking shows. In fact, there are cooking equipment used specifically for this kind of cooking technique. But for those of you who are just new to this kind of method, you might be wondering what sous vide has to offer to your tables. You might be surprised about how this particular cooking method can benefit you. Before we dwell in further into the subject, let us first define what sous vide cooking is.

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Sous vide cooking is a method wherein a food is placed in a container, most often in a plastic pouch, and allowed to be soaked in a low temperature water. The reason for this is to avoid overcooking the outside part of the food and distribute the heat evenly on the body. In this way, moisture is retained.

Eggs is one of the most popular food where sous vide method is applied. In fact, it is very popular food for people in the Asian countries. Other popular food that uses the sous vide method are:

  1. Meats
  2. Pork
  3. Lamb

However, if you are quite inexperienced with this method, worry not. There are a lot of cooking equipment that you can use to make your sous vide cooking experience worthwhile.

Sous Vide Cooking Equipment

There are a lot of equipment to choose from, depending on your intended purpose. Here are some of them available in the market today.

  • Immersion Calculator

This equipment warms water with your preferred temperature and distributes them around the food which is commonly covered with plastic.

  • Water Oven

From the name itself, this equipment can often be as big as a microwave. However, unlike the immersion calculator, it doesn’t distribute warm evenly on the food which can make the distribution uneven.

  • Improvise!

Or, you can just browse your kitchen for available alternatives. For example, a rice cooker can be a substitute for sous vide if you are just starting to learn the method. No need to hurry!

Learn more about sous vide

If you are really interested in this method, there are a lot of available recipes you can apply sous vide. Buying sous vide cooking equipment can truly help you attain your favorite sous vide recipes, but just make sure to research first before rushing to buy things!